BlogWe aren't shocked by many things

We aren't shocked by many things

Added 4 years, 10 months ago.

Although the next one did surprise us slightly.

A lady contacted us who had the following tale to tell.

She had originally bought a timeshare week and then the Management Company had decided that they needed to join the "Points" bandwagon.

This meant the week she was quite happy with, then became unavailable regardless of when she booked her holidays.

She was then told that despite paying $2310 a year in maintenance and management fees, the amount of points she owned were no longer enough to holiday at the resort she bought the week at.  Seriously they will say anything.

Cue a stylish salesman who very kindly sells her some more points on the resort finance plan of course.

Needless to say this is now in the hands of our Administrations and Legal team and they are very tenacious when it comes to people being missold a product, especially when the need for the product was bought about by the Management Company themselves.

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