BlogUPDATED They can dress it up in many different guises

UPDATED They can dress it up in many different guises

Added 7 years ago.

Mr C & Mr T - 10506 20th April 2015


but unfortunately Timeshare Companies purely and simply want to keep you in your contract (be it the original one or a new fancy one with a different contract number)

Mr C & Mr T purchased what is known as a trial pack to one of the major points clubs and enjoyed it very much so went on to upgrade to a full points ownership, which they enjoyed for a few years.

Now came the part where they wanted out of the ownership, cue the sales representative of the timeshare company only too willing to help!

Brilliant is what they were thinking and believing what the salesman told them they traded their ownership for another kind.

What they weren't told was that this involved a yearly increase to the fees of £150 in the first year alone.

Now negotiations between TR and the Management Company are just starting so we wil keep updating but over the life of the ownership we are looking at saving Mr C & Mr T over £43,000 in maintenance fees at todays prices (and we all know maintenance fees only go one way and that is higher)

The management company has been in touch and we will let you know how the negotiations progress 09.06.2015 


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