BlogTired of paying fees

Tired of paying fees

Added 3 years, 4 months ago.

but know there isn't the option to just stop?  Do you worry about your children inheriting the timeshare none of them want?

Nobody likes to think about what will happen in the future but we, at Timeshare Relief, have over the years seen and spoken to many people who have been left a Timeshare or Points Ownership.

Now, years ago, when maintenance fees were a lot less and the quality of the holidays were a lot higher this was actually a good thing.  Unfortunately for many people who now own Timeshares their fees are way more than they were 20 years ago and the standard of holidaying has slipped in several of the resorts.

Add into that the lack of availability for those who do not own high season and the exchanges are not a freely available as they once were and suddenly the good thing is not so great.

Talk to Timeshare Relief and find out how we can help make you #timesharefree just as we have 1000s of other people. 

We do not ask you to travel to see us and are happy to put you in touch with people who we have already helped from your own resort,  Who knows maybe someone in your local area has already been helped by us.

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