BlogTimeshare Companies and Compassion: an Improbable Match.

Timeshare Companies and Compassion: an Improbable Match.

Added 5 years, 7 months ago.

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After we hear the stories of the little old ladies having lost their loved ones and still being tied into a timeshare contract, which they cannot only, not afford but not even visit the site that they are having to pay for.

It appears that terminal illness is also not an 'easy route out' We have been made aware of a woman who has a very serious illness and has been told she cannot leave her house for long periods of time, so the timeshare she and her husband own is inadequate, let alone a waste of money.

As we hear about Mrs P (who we will name Mrs P for confidentiality reasons) and the suffering, she is already facing along with the added pressure of debt collectors letters and the court judgments on her. she tells us about her dealings with the timeshare company and the conversations they have had between them, they told her that they would not take back her weeks but they WOULD take her to court for the money owed to them. Which she states will not happen as they are barely surviving themselves!

Fortunately Mrs P had seen an advert and contacted us so we managed to her and her husband. They received confirmation that they were no longer the owners of there timeshare. they were so relived about and now they can concentrate on their lives with that worry over them.

So with the title, Timeshare companies and compassion should never be used in the same sentence, as the two words just don't go together!!

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