BlogIf it looks like a timeshare

If it looks like a timeshare

Added 6 years, 3 months ago.

is as expensive as a timeshare and the Sales Rep continuously tells you "it isn't a timeshare" but won't let you go til you sign on the dotted line then in all reality it is a TIMESHARE!

This is what happened to one of our many clients, Mr Llewellyne and Ms Rhule, they were mis-sold a 30 week Club Membership in the Caribbean (despite owning a property out there), and the representative made sure that they took advantage of the in-house finance.  When they contacted Timeshare Relief they still had approximately £8,500 left on the loan to pay, they had only owned the product (as don't forget it's not a timeshare) for less than a year.

Timeshare Relief got straight on the case and with emails and letters flying backwards and forwards from the management company etc to us and back, our clients purely and simply wanted to be free of the Club Membership as they believed that the loan couldn't be cancelled.

Truthfully that is usually what happens, the client ends up paying the loan for a product they no longer have - but not in this case, thanks to Timeshare Relief being so tenacious and going for the jugular (metaphorically speaking) and not settling for what usually happens, 7 months on the loan has been CANCELLED  and Llewellyn and Rhule are free of the whole experience.


The moral of this story is simple - if it looks like a timeshare and sounds like a timeshare (despite fancy descriptive wording) then in all likelihood it is a timeshare 


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