Timeshare Relief is an established UK business working with timeshare owners to help them dispose of their timeshare.

We have an expert understanding of the timeshare market and work with timeshare companies to get you out of your timeshare commitment, including the elimination of annual fee arrears in many cases.

Sadly all too many of the clients we speak to have been caught by various different methods usually resulting in the client paying substantial amounts of money to companies who subsequently disappear. We wish to make it clear that we provide a 100% bona fide service to our clients.

If you genuinely want to dispose of the ever increasing burden of membership and are serious about doing so, we are confident we can help you. To begin, simply fill in the contact form below and we will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help, with no obligation on your part to proceed.

Outside of the UK?

We help timeshare owners from all over Europe as well as the UK. If you do not reside in the UK and would prefer to see who you are dealing with face to face, then we can arrange for you to hop over and see us, with subsidised flights and accomodation for as little as £50 per person. As we have an office in Stratford upon avon, which is the home of the "Bard" William Shakespeare, why not combine it with a extra night to explore this historic and most beautiful part of England.


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